Answers to all of your questions!

What should I expect at my appointment?


The veterinarian will do a thorough exam and listen openly to your concerns about your pet. Pending the physical exam findings, recommendations will be made accordingly.


Which doctor will I see?


We have five amazing veterinarians at our practice. We encourage you to meet all five physicians and get to know them better. Our doctors work as a team and often consult with each other about our patients. If you find that one doctor’s personality suits you and your pet, you may request to see that doctor. After hour emergencies are seen on a rotating schedule by our doctors.


Which vaccines do you recommend?


Pending on the species of your pet and its lifestyle we will make personalized vaccine recommendations. Please visit our services tab for more information


How often do you recommend my pet be seen?


We recommend a thorough physical exam annually. As a pet gets older, or if there are any health concerns, we will adjust this recommendation accordingly.


How often do you recommend blood work?


Pending on your pet’s age, we recommend senior wellness profiles. This will help us catch some diseases early and help prolong your pet’s life. If your pet is on a long term medication, we recommend blood work every six months to monitor potential side effects.


What does a urinalysis test for?


Patients who are having urinary issues, such as accidents, straining, excessive licking, incontinence, etc. should have a urinalysis performed. We also recommend it to compliment blood work results. This will help us monitor kidney function, screen for uroliths (stones/crystals), inflammatory cells, bacteria, pH to name a few.


What are my treatment options for my pet with arthritis?


We have many different therapies that might work for your pet. They range from natural anti-inflammatory and joint supplements, diets to long-term prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and pain management. Please call to make an appointment to discuss your pet’s personal needs.


When is payment expected? Do you have payment plans?


Payment is due when services are rendered. We do not have payment plans but do recommend Care Credit for those who would like to spread payments out. You can visit their website at www.carecredit.com.

When is it time to say goodbye to my beloved pet?


Of course, we all want our pets to live forever. Unfortunately, we are faced with a difficult decision at the end of their lives. Sometimes euthanizing a pet and ending suffering is the kindest gift we can give them after years of unconditional love. We recommend you get personal advice from one of our doctors. We do believe that your “gut feeling” on your pet’s quality of life is always the best test. You can make a list of 3 things that your pet does daily: greeting you at the door, sleeping in bed, eating, eliminating appropriately, play, etc. Once your pet stops those three everyday things you picked, it might be time to end his/her suffering.

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