Meet the real stars of our practice, Lily and Whitefish!


Lily is a 19.5-year-old Tabby/Abyssinian female. In her previous lifetime, she was a barn cat. She is now enjoying retirement inside the hospital. She loves to eat. She has been very successful teaching the staff and clients to open the cat treat jar so she can indulge herself in a tasty morsel. She also enjoys stepping on the phone to dial our programmed phone numbers randomly. Although Lily can seem quiet and reserved, she is Queen Bee at Basking Ridge Animal Hospital.

Whitefish (aka fishy, fish-face, fish sticks, fish) is an 11-year-old DSH female. She is second in command of the hospital. She likes to spend her days taunting dogs and lying on the printer. She gets a good chuckle when there is a paper jam due to her obstructing the printer. She has broken a couple of printers this way. She enjoys tuna fish and catching chipmunks.